EPC Wallet Plan and reviews, must check before join this opportunity. Today i am going to reveal some secrets features and benefits with you. Epcwallet opportunity is not only a opportunity its a revolution and life changing concept. This concept already running from last so many months, giving regular payouts.

EPC Wallet offers a MLM opportunity for those who want to do something in this revolutionary field. Because mlm is the only way to become rich in a short period of time and epc wallet know this very well.

Payout System of Epc wallet increase the beauty of this concept and make this plan more easy and understandable. This company already distribute so many Cars in the form of rewards.

Company adopt binary system in there compensation plan and give you additional benefits if you sponsor anyone directly. Story is not ended here, company have 6 types of income which gives you more area to score in this industry and specially in EPC Wallet. So, EPC Wallet is not only a mlm company its a dream of all of those people who want to make something big in this industry.

One of the important requirements is to have $500 in equity in an Individual, Joint, Trust, IRA, Roth IRA, or SEP IRA account, to be eligible for holding that account.

epc wallet



  • EPC Wallet is an innovative venture shaping corporate life and helping achieve new strategic options.
  • It is simple and effortless to understand and can be used easily by all ages of people.
  • It is the most contemporary way of paying bills and transferring money as it goes hand in hand with the latest technology.

BENEFITS of Easy Pay Cash Wallet

  • MOBILE RECHARGE for both prepaid and post-paid connections. This can be done with just a click with EPC.
  • ELECTRICITY/MOBILE BILL PAYMENT can be done easily with EPC. It also enables payment of other bills such as gas bills, mobile bills, DTH etc.
  • BOOKING OF HOTELS AND TRAVEL TICKETS including bus, train, plane tickets.
  • EASY PAY WALLET is an easy lend feature, which allows the users to lend money securely and also earn commission through it.
  • ONLINE SHOPPING is made more convenient via EPC. It helps in securing digital wallet for shopping at Future Group Outlets.
  • SENDING MONEY TO BANK ACCOUNTS is made easy with the EPC app. The app helps in easy transfer of wallet money to bank account in short and simple steps.

Unique Reward Card by EPC wallet

The company is launching a reward card for cashback, bonus and other extra offers. The card will be started soon once technical work, software and legal documentation is completed. The card will be accessible to all registered customers and it will allow a link up among multi transactions with Paytm, Freecharge, Mobilkwik free of any charges. And as a cherry on the top, a cash back is available in Easy Pay Wallet on every transaction that goes through.

EPC Wallet Marketing Strategy

EPC allows its customers with an opportunity to register for free. However, in order to activate your ID, three options are available. These are –

epc wallet Daily Promo Bonus and Booster Chart

Package Daily Promo Bonus Promo Booster Income Days of Bonus
3000 Rs 30 Rs 15 200 days
9000 Rs 100 Rs 50 200 days
27000 Rs 300 Rs 150 200 days
  • Daily promo bonus income starts the next day of ID activation via auto bank transfer.
  • Members have to sponsor 2 directs of any package within 15 days of their top-up date in order to be eligible for the Promo Booster Income.
  • Booster income starts the next day of Direct sponsor (within 15 days of top-up).

EPC WALLET Working Income

Three types of Bonus income

  • 5% referral bonus
  • 10% matching bonus
  • Awards and rewards

Daily Capping Amounts

Package Daily Capping Amount/ID
3000 Rs 15000
9000 Rs 25000
27000 Rs 50000


  • Direct A and B are compulsory
  • Deduction admin charges are 10% on all income
  • All incomes are through auto bank transfer in three working days

EPC WALLET Future Income

1→ 5%

2→ 3%

3→ 2%

4-20 → 1%



  • 5 lac – 5 lac mini laptop
  • 10 lac – 10 lac 42” LED
  • 20 lac – 20 lac Royal Enfield
  • 50 lac – 50 lac Nissan Ready Go
  • 1 crore – 1 crore Maruti Vitara Breeza

Pin Request Numbers for epc wallet (WhatsApp Only)

  • Following bank mobile numbers are available for sending confirmation slips –
  • ( ONLY WHATSAPP ) :  

epc wallet

Complaint Numbers For EPC Wallet

  • 7760711127
  • 9916912456
  • 9743193608

Payout Complaint Number For EPC Wallet

  • 9008038579 (CALLS ONLY)

Contacts EPC Wallet Address



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