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MT Coin

Cryptocurrencies are a digital asset; a trend initiated by Bitcoin in 2009. MT Coin is a cryptocurrency equipped with the latest and the most recent technologies.

MTC is a platform created by the MD Mr. AmitLakhanpal to fulfil his vision of creating a cryptocurrency that stands as strong as Bitcoin and even beyond. Although it is anticipated to require a lot of effort to reach the level but the company is fully motivated to do so in a very short period of time.

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Who Knows The Truth?!!

MTC is a decentralized currency just like the well-known Bitcoin. But again, what exactlyare centralized and decentralized currencies? The basic difference is in the issuing authority, a digital currency issued by a central bank is categorised as a “centralized” currency while a digital currency that has been introduced neither by a centralized bank nor a public authority (such as central or state governments) but is accepted as a means of payment or can be transferred, stored or even traded electronically is how we can define a decentralized digital currency, such as MTC and Bitcoin. And just like other well-known digital currencies even MTC is prone to market fluctuations and the coin price cannot be fixed at a certain value. Let’s face the truth here…does anybody know who introduced our well known celebrated Bitcoin? Who designed it? Who owns it? Does an individual or a group of individuals own it? Nobody knows the answers to these questions, so it would be unfair to put other digital currencies through such a tough scrutiny.

MTC owner Mr. AmitLakahnpal had a very clear vision from the beginning, a vision to create a money trade coin that was like Bitcoin; no matter how difficult it may be to achieve that level, the owner is very much willing to overcome them all and create a digital currency called MT Coin- a digital currency that matches Bitcoin.


About the Owner

The owner comes from one of the most well known cities in India, Mumbai. Coming from a business background he understands public demands and trends. He is the proud owner of a real estate company called Flintstone, which has been recognised by the prestigious MID Day and ABP News.

His latest venture revolves around cryptography currency based on latest technology with ultra secure wallet through multi-level verification and world’s first fully cash backedcryptocurrency through Standby Letter of Credit(SBLC) via SWIFT MT760 from world’s top bank.

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About Money Trade Coin (MTC)

MT Coin is a digital currency and just like other digital currencies it provides its owners with a secure option to store their wealth. It facilitates a wide range of financial transactions enabling easy achievement of investment goals.

Money Trade Coin Ltd., UK is co-owned by Bitcoin Global FZE, UAE; which is a Dubai based firm. It is registered in the UAE and is run by a team of highly efficient of programmers and engineers.

Incorporated as a company with a paid up capital of us 10 million dollars, Bitcoin wealth management is a financial technological firm at the forefront of its industry. With a vision to revolutionize the future of commerce, Bitcoin global focuses primarily on online payment technologies, Bitcoin mining, e-commerce and own cryptocurrency development and training.

Flintstone Group of Companies List

  • Ray affordable plots and housing Pvt Ltd
  • Flintstone Infrastructures
  • RANG (Interior designer)
  • Madan and Associates
  • Flintstone Holding
  • Urvitech Infra Solution’s
  • Orbit Buildcom(Slum Rehabilitation scheme Ghatkopar
  • Sky BuldcomTechnologies(Imports Exports steel and Infrastructure Equipment supplier)
  • Orbit Venture(Finance on plots)
  • Swapnapurti(Redevelopment projects Mumbai)
  • Ray Buildtech (Maintenance and construction Bhandup)
  • MetfarInfotech (BPO and KPO)
  • KT construction Equipment company
  • Mad Frog Films (Bollywood’s production Industry) having a sound background of more than 50000 Crores and a revenue generation of about 5000 Crores annually.
  • MT Coin Owner AmitLakhanpal also owns 4 Multiplex Theatres inMumbaiand 3 Maruti Showrooms.
  • Money Trade Coin (MT Coin) has Legal Registration globallywith name MTCoin Bank Pvt Ltd UK.


MT Coin Business Plan

The business plan is a simple one to ensure maximum effectiveness; it resembles a typical MLM level plan. Each level achieved is rewarded by a percentage income and as soon as level 6 is achieved, royalty income and additional rewards are also added to income earned.

Company’s vision is to help those who understand the power digital currency and want to invest in it. Since Bitcoin is too expensive to purchase today, MT Coin’s aim is to enable such investors to fulfil their dream of financial investment in a digital currency, which aims to become as strong as Bitcoin and even beyond in the near future.


MT Coin compensation Plan

Joining can be made with a minimum of $100 in CDR for 6 months to avail 15% dividends monthly (ROI).


With a minimum of $100 value in 12 CDR for 12 months and receive 20% dividends monthly (ROI)

A top-up can be made with minimum $100 of MT Coins.

MT Coin Royalty Income

  • 5% (COT) minimum after completion of level 6
  • 1% (COT) minimum after completion of level 7
  • 75% (COT) minimum after completion of level 8
  • 60% (COT) minimum after completion of level 9
  • 60% (COT) after completion of level 10
  • 50% (COT) between levels 11 to 16


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Contact MT Coin at:
Corporate Address
Money Trade Coin Limited UK, Bitcoin Global FZE, UAE, Level 42, Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Branch Address
Bitcoin Global FZE, UAE, SM Office, B1-Centre F008, Ajman Free Zone, UAE

Registered Address
Money Trade Coin Ltd, UK, H5, Ash Tree Court, Nottingham Business Park, Nottingham, NG8 6PY, England


Notice By Money Trade Coin (Must Read)

  • Warning: Please do not invest your money under anybody’s suggestion or influence. Please make sure that you do not invest money for making huge profits on any guarantees made by people known or unknown.
  • Directors Message: Cryptocurrency Market is highly volatile and I do not guarantee any profits. Please invest your money very wisely as there can be high gains or high losses.
  • Official Page and Website: Money Trade Coins Official Page iscom/MoneyTradeCoin
  • is the official website.
  • Please do not believe all the news you see on the internet as there are a lot of rumours on the web. For official news follow our page and website only. Most important notices come directly to your app.


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